(Fall) Mindful Marriage 7-Week Stress Reduction & Relationship Growth Course

Meets every Thursday evening, 7-9pm EST, September 30 - November 11, 2021

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Benefits of Mindful Marriage 7-Week Immersive Course

Proven Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Access multi-media homework modules and extensive training manual that gives you a library of 20-minute meditations designed to reduce relationship stress.

Connection From the Inside-Out

Learn body-centered emotional intelligence skills to widen your tolerance for distress so you are consistently less reactive, more centered and clear during important moments with your partner.

Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) Work

Practice introductory steps of IFS "parts work" to develop a loving and compassionate relationship with protective parts of you that take charge of getting your needs met but are often met met with resistance, criticism, or avoidance.



Why are we fighting? Getting the growth mindset into your negative cycles as a couple and practicing Care, Openess, Love, and Acceptance (C.O.L.A) with your body every day.


You are more than your thoughts, feelings and beliefs: Introduction to the You-Turn, a differentiation skill that prevents disconnection that results from projecting feelings onto each other.


Finding your inner orchestra conductor: Using Big Mind and the 8-C’s of Self while practicing the You-Turn


Healing weary Protectors with C.O.L.A., finding your heart, and speaking for parts of you instead of speaking from them.

Week 5:

The Awesome Inside: Being in Self with confidence and courage and tapping into your unconditional value.


Getting a hold of perfectionist and critic parts and turning toward the other with curiosity, listening, and empathy (an attachment skill).


Habits that cultivate appreciation for what you have, speaking from your heart, and forming a vision for your relationship.


Online access to Mindful Marriage interactive digital platform

Includes 165 page workbook lessons

Videos that summarize and preview each week's concept

Library of audio guided meditations designed for relationship growth

Weekly 2-hour live Zoom class with Keith's teaching and facilitated interactive content

Weekly 1-hour office hours group zoom with Keith for Q&A

Private online community devoted to being a safe and supportive place for learning and improving your relationship


Your Instructor

Keith Miller, LICSW
Keith Miller, LICSW

Keith Miller is a licensed clinical social worker and director of Keith Miller Counseling, a private counseling practice that specializes in relationships, treating stress and anxiety, and general behavioral health. His first book, Love Under Repair: How to Save Your Marriage and Survive Couples Therapy, won the Reader's Favorite Award for non-fiction in 2015. He is the host of The Soul of Life podcast and has spoken across U.S. on the subject of interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, and stress-reduction for couples. He lives in Maryland with his wife of 20 years, and two children.

Course Curriculum

  Step 1: Join the Mindful Marriage Private Online Circle
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days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we have to miss one of the dates?
All of the group meetings are recorded, including each week's 1-hr Q&A Office Hours session, will be recorded and posted to the private community space that's only accessible to your class cohort.
What level of group participation is necessary in the large group meetings?
Most of the 2-hour class meetings will be Keith's teaching about that week's concepts. You'll be asked to shut off your camera during exercise or discussion breaks to interact with your partner. There will be several opportunities each week for you to speak for your reaction to the concepts or exercises, or ask questions, in front of the group. Speaking for your experience can be a key to learning and everyone is encouraged to participate as much as possible. No one is ever put on the spot to share information about themselves they don't want to share with the rest of the group.
Do we have to be on the same computer/camera during the zoom meetings?
It's best if you're in same room as your partner and on-screen as much as possible. Of course if you are geographically separated, being on two separate cameras is no problem.
Do we have to keep our camera on during the meetings?
I'd like this group to resemble an in-person meeting as much as possible and it makes a HUGE difference to me as your teacher and to see each other's faces. Talk to me ahead of time if you have concerns about this. There will be times when I ask everyone to shut off their cameras and mute themselves so that you can complete an assignment or discussion with your partner. If you have to take care of a personal matter or tend to children during the meeting, it's no problem to turn off your camera, but otherwise I'd ask for everyone to participate and be a full part of the group, on camera.
Is participating in the Mindful Marriage Immersive online forum space necessary to take this course?
Participating in the private online forum that's exclusively for the participants of your live course is highly encouraged, but is not necessary, unless you want to access a replay of an class or Office Hours that you missed. Working through the concepts and exercises in this course can be REALLY challenging. I encourage you to use the private forum to get to know each other and learn from each other's wisdom and sharing about where you're getting stuck and where you're making strides. A central concept in the course is "speaking for your parts," and learning to separate your own feelings from your automatic assumptions (projections) about your partner. The form is NOT a place to voice frustrations with your partner or speak for your partner. I'll help make this distinction clear and offer guidance.
Do we need two user accounts to access the course and private course community forum?
Yes. When you purchase the course

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